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1. To Cook Basic Meal:

It is a basic life need of every human we eat to function and every person should know the how to cook some easy dishes. We are not talking about learning how to cook like “Gordan Ramsey” but know the very basics of cooking come in handy more times than you can imagine.

2. Saving and Sticking to Your Budget:

After reaching a certain age it’s very important to plan ahead for future which starts by saving money. Saving money when you’re earning good is easy, what about saving while earning minimum wage? It’s not that hard either, you will just have to start tracking your spending, identify and differentiate between needs and wants, save regularly, set fix amount of money that you “do not” want to spend at any cost and lastly avoid compulsive shopping spree.

3. Learn to Drive Standard Vehicle:

Driving is one of the skills that you carry throughout your life. Learning how to drive can never go to waste, it also helps in building confidence but here we are not suggesting about learning to control a car but to properly understand traffic rules, gain knowledge about essential tools needed, know defensive driving, changing lanes in responsible manner.

4. Doing Your Own Laundry:

Just like cleaning your body is important hygiene practice, laundry is similar to that. Washing your clothes reduces infectious disease and it is basic life skill one should know. It saves money to do it yourself rather than getting it done by someone else. Instead of just learning how to put detergent and clothes in a washing machine, do try to learn about fabrics, the duration each fabric should be washed for, the kind of detergent and fabric softener each fabric may need and separating different fabric so they don’t ruin each other.

5. Knowing How to Back-up Your Electronics:

Today, every person owns a laptop and mobile phones and one should always make a back up of their data and keep updating it so in case of any mishap you don’t lose any or your important document or memory.

6. Speaking a Second Language:

We live in a multilingual world, the world is becoming increasingly globalized and knowing a second language has many benefits, it can help you in your career, improve your memory and brain functions

7. Being Able To Negotiate:

It is a process where two or more people with different needs discuss an issue to find a mutually acceptable solution. Good negotiation skills can contribute significantly when it comes to building relationships and avoiding further problems and conflicts.

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