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With online business and e-commerce being the highlight of the last decade, online payment is the most important ingredient to make this process a successful one. There are many companies that offer best means of online payment through which money can be transferred from a customer to the buyer through a trusted mode. Here are some of the most used international payment gateways that are reliable for users and make the payment procedure easier and worthwhile.


I’m sure you’ve heard about this one as it’s the most popular and widely used payment gateway. This is one of the oldest payment systems out there and is operational in around 200 countries and supports over 100 currencies for payment processing and also enjoys the benefit of having more active users specifically. It exclusively offers features like credit card reader, barcode scanning, express checkout, mobile call reader and much more. Also the standard withdrawals are free, and they offer fast withdrawals for a small cost.


This is another great international payment gateway that has a great number of users and is number 1 mobile payment organization in the world after Paypal. It permits transactions in 18 different foreign currencies. Because it’s based in China it also propositions easy access to the Chinese markets as well. It offers features like P2P transfer, credit card bill payments, prepay mobile phone top-up, bank account managements and more. Their mobile app even allows users to customize their experience by adding their own services from various companies.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay new payment gateway which was launched in 2007. One thing that helped Amazon pay to be success from the start is their customer base from amazon.com. It allows customers to buy goods and services from websites and mobile apps using the Amazon account’s addresses and payment methods, such as credit cards or a direct debit bank account. It offers attractive features that are to resist by their customers and make the online shopping process easier and it also help improve customer engagement.


Stripe offers payment processing software for e-commerce websites and mobile applications. This specific payment gateway offers APIs that are used by web developers to integrate payment processes into their own websites and mobile applications. They further expanded their services by including billing product for the online businesses and helping organizations to manage recurring revenue and subscription billings.

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