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Educational apps are a need for every student today specially after the situation of pandemic. These apps have proven to be a great source of help for students who struggle alone at home and just have their books to rely on. But these apps offer an easy way to learn and engage with teachers online and learn in an exciting and effective way.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is first the go to app for most students or the first thing that shows up in search results when looking for educational help or related material. This app is widely known for the variety of subjects it covers and the best feature is that it’s free. They also have YouTube videos of their lectures and mainly target visual learners using different sources. Moreover their lectures are available in many foreign languages.

Noon Academy

This is another educational app where students can learn and attend classes online. They can easily find the teacher they want an also have fun learning with their friends and teachers through fun quizzes and learning material. Students can also form groups on the app and learn with their friends on the app and exchange notes. Noon academy has hired some of the best teachers for their app that students don’t have to look elsewhere to get the best educational material.


This is one of interesting apps out there for educational purposes which works as a video game and uses fantasy based app games. It covers math problems for first to eighth graders. It’s more specifically set to test kids’ knowledge of the topics and when they earn points for correct answers they get to do monster battles which are a fun way to keep the kids engaged. This app is basically free but if you want to explore more features then you’d have to pay a subscription fee every month.


If you’re in high school and you want to test yourself of the knowledge you get every day in school then this is the app for you. Quizlet Learn option offers a variety of testing options for students, including true-false and multiple-choice questions that gradually surge in difficulty dependent on the user’s performance. It’s also very useful for learning other languages, and its audio pronunciation quality is improved than other apps.

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