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Globalization opened up the world, allowing individuals from all over the world to enjoy the benefits of other cultures. People can acquire new languages and incorporate other cultures from around the world into their daily lives, resulting in a new way of doing things.

A country’s culture encompasses more than just how its citizens carry out their customs—it encompasses a full way of life, communication, norms, and values that define how society is formed. This is why a person who wishes to travel to another nation must have a thorough understanding of its culture and language in order to communicate effectively with its people.

Here are the top 7 cultures that have a made a global impact:

1. Spain:

After Chinese, Spanish is the most spoken language in the world. The country’s artistic heritage distinguishes it from other nations and is an integral aspect of its culture. It is, unsurprisingly, the world’s fourth most visited country, with 58 million tourists flocking to its architectural attractions each year.

Spain’s festivals and celebrations are one of its most distinctive features, ‘La Tomatina’ being the most famous festival all over the world.

2. Italy:

Italy is famous for its fashion and cuisine which is celebrated all over the world. Haven’t we all heard about Italian pizza and gelato? The most famous designer brands like Valentino, Armani, Versace and Gucci have originated from Italy. 40 million tourists are known to visit the city annually which makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

The Italians have a diverse cultural heritage in art and architecture. Incorporating music and dance into most of their activities is a popular tradition in Italian culture.

3. French:

The French are famous for love, romance and fashion. They have positioned themselves as a fashion metropolis, with numerous well-known brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Mugler, Chanel, and so on. The French capital, Paris, is renowned as ‘the city of love.’

The French are extremely proud of their identity, which has shaped the world, including their language. Although, French people are very courts, but when visiting France, you have to adapt their culture as they won’t adapt you.

4. Chinese:

The high emphasis on family life is one of the distinctive characteristics of Chinese culture. Chinese people place a high value on family ties, which is why their seniors stay with the family until they pass away.

Similarly, rather than leaving their parents when they get older, the family’s children are expected to look after them. The Chinese also have distinct architectural, political, and theological systems that set them apart from other cultures.

5. United States:

United States is the centre of the film and entertainment industries and has a significant population. Hollywood’s films and music reach even the most remote corners of the globe, extending its impact worldwide.

Furthermore, the US consists of variety of cultures, including people of different religions, beliefs and race. The New York Times Square is one of the most popular tourist spot in the world. Each city in the US is shaped differently by its history and residents.

6. India:

When we think of ancient religious practises and stories from the past, the name India comes up in many people’s mind. It is the second most populated country after China. India is famous for it’s fascinating historical landmarks like Taj Mahal.

People of all religions, mainly Hindus and Muslims, dwell peacefully in the country, which attracts an estimated 19 million tourists each year. Indians highly believe in spirituality and practice their religion firmly.

7. United Kingdom:

London is the world’s most leading financial and economic centre. The residents of the country take pleasure in their ability to deliver innovation, work ethics, and creativity which is why they originate something new to the table.

In addition, the country has a variety of other distinctive attractions in the fields of art, orchestra, theatre, media, and technology. United Kingdom is known for lending English language to the world which is the most spoken language in the world.

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