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There’s cut-throat competition for everything. Short term job oriented courses can help you get that edge. You might wonder why you should take professional job oriented courses.

First of all, they give you an edge over your competition. You get to take control of your learning journey as you get to choose which course you’ll take and there is better chance of getting high-paying jobs, grab hands-on knowledge, and unlock more opportunities.

Following are the 5 “In-demand” courses of 2021:

1- Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation

It is an excellent choice for those looking to build a career in accounting. The course duration may range anywhere from 1 to 6 months, vary from one institution to another.
As the name suggests, this program is specific to the accounting and taxation industry. So, candidates are taught the fundamental concepts of accounting, taxation, auditing, and financial management as well which is not only helpful for their professional life but also comes in handy in personal life.

2- Advanced Certificate in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is one of the most in-demand tech skills right now.  Like Data Science and Machine Learning, Blockchain technology is also creating ripples of change in the modern industry. This technology has made its way into numerous other fields, including healthcare, real estate, supply chain & logistics, transportation, and even government agencies. This is one of the short term courses with high salary. It can be a 6-month long program that covers the entire core Blockchain concepts like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Fabric, Composer, Advance JavaScript, and NodeJS.

3- Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication

Digital marketing job oriented courses are for someone who wants to get an edge in digital marketing. The course covers topics like SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing Analytics. With the rapid expansion of Digital Marketing, the face of marketing has changed drastically. Today, it is a truth you can no longer ignore it! So, why not gear up for the present digital revolution and acquire Digital Marketing skills? The course duration can be of 6.5 months.

4- PHP Certification

Like Full Stack Development, PHP Development is yet another hot skill in the present market. Naturally, the demand for skilled and certified PHP Developers is high. While knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL can only get you so far, a PHP certification can help you gain a competitive edge over your contemporaries.
The prerequisite for this certification program is that you should have some knowledge of PHP and MySQL. You will learn the basics of PHP, including Syntax, Operators, Variables, Control Structures, Namespaces, Extensions and Language Constructs and Functions, and much more.

5- Auto Mechanical Courses

Taking auto mechanic courses can save you money in the long run. Typically, the cost of repairs is a combination of parts and labor. When you simply purchase the parts and handle the labor yourself, clearly there is a financial savings. Of course, you’ll still have to spend the time doing the work. It’s true that some people will take auto mechanic courses simply to help them work on their own vehicles. But most people studying mechanics courses are looking for a future career. From a technical perspective, one simply needs a high school degree to become an auto mechanic. In practice, however, that is usually not the case. The course duration can be 6 months.

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