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Pakistani fashion has come a long way in the last ten years. It has finally acquired some western inspiration, it’s starting to seem more and more modern, and traditional styles are regaining popularity among younger generations.

However, with so many brands to select from, it might be difficult to determine which one is most suited to your preferences. So here we are, rescuing the day by compiling a top 5 list of Pakistan’s best clothing brands. You’ll find a wide range of brands, each with something unique to offer and materials that appeal to the consumer.



It is one of the leading clothing brands of Pakistan offering variety of products which are a bit pricey, yet good quality. Khaadi has expended its business internationally mainly in UAE and UK. It has grown tremendously and diversified its product line over the past few years and has several ranges like Khaadi-Khaas, Khaadi-Kids, Khaadi-Home and Khaadi Cafe. Its product line includes multiple categories of clothing and accessories. Their garments are a blend of Eastern and Western which the younger generation would be interested in.



The brand has secured it’s place in the heart of the customers in a very short period of time. It is a very trendy brand which is a wardrobe essential for women who want to look classy and confident. They design their clothes in such a manner that attracts the youth of our society while maintaining Pakistani culture. It is a very affordable brand for most of the buyers. They have also invested in accessories like scarves and footwear.



After a huge success of their brand extension, it is the first Pakistani brand which has expanded it’s reach on international platforms. Now famously known for their fragrances, Junaid Jamshed doesn’t stop experimenting on new product categories. Their cosmetic line is a show stopper and they target both traditional and modern women. Their patterns are intended to target a very rustic audience who prefer wearing detailed designs.



Mainly targetting the upper class, Maria B has still paved a way for itself in the clothing industry. It is the largest fashion designer brand which also deals with luxurious bridal and formal wear. Maria B exports internationally as their trendy yet traditional designs are loved even outside of Pakistan. Their patterns are unique to specific regions of Northern Pakistan.



A high-quality luxury brand which caters to all types of clothing styles, mostly famous for it’s western designs. It’s unprecedented designs steals everyones heart. Their clothing material is very long lasting. They have recently launched their cosmetics, fragrances and accessories which is giving major competition to other brands.

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