How to know if it’s not FAKE?

You have to know what true love is for finding a true lover who can give you real love. You have to give a genuine love in return for attracting and keeping him/her. Knowing how to distinguish between pure love and false love will give you wisdom about building a long-lasting relationship and avoiding the toxic. Such insight will keep you away from futile suffering as well because you love the wrong person. It will also prevent you from harming people, and from being guilty of not giving the right love.

There are ten differences between true love and fake love, which you must know without further ado.

1. True love makes sacrifice; fake love is only self-serving.

True love is egoistic. Although it doesn’t neglect itself, it’s willing to make great sacrifices just to make somebody really happy. False love, on the other hand, is selfish, since it only cares for itself.

2. In truth, true love rejoices; fake love hides in the darkness of lies.

True love delights in living an honest life. Lies can’t be comfortable. It takes away your doubts and insecurities as it always shows transparency and honesty. Fake love, on the other hand, delights in making lies. It is scary to get close to the light. It lives in darkness, and does not offer any illumination.

3. True love is kind; Cruel is fake love.

True love has a heart that is big. It is generous and full of compassion. It will give you the love and care more than what you deserve. The fake love, on the other hand, is heartless. It will bring pain and bad treatment that you don’t even deserve.

4. True love is patient; short tempered love is fake.

True love can withstand and forgive your failings and weaknesses. It will give you many opportunities, reasonably, and wait until you change for the better. On the other hand, when you make mistakes fake love is easily angry. It will judge and punish you quickly, without even listening to your explanations.

5. True love is humble; fake love prides itself.

True love does humbly act. They’re not interested in taking credits for themselves. It acknowledges its own mistakes and even takes responsibility for others ‘faults. Just to lift people up it can let itself down. Fake love on the other hand is boastful. He’s a credit grabber and overly proud of himself. It does not admit its own mistakes but instead blame others for them.

6. True love feels complete; false love feels empty.

True love feels total. It feels like she has nothing to wish for already. Every moment it enjoys with you, as it considers its dreams to be realities now. On the other hand, you are not happy with the fake love.

7. True love is full of gratitude; fake love is envy.

True love values present possessions of its own. He feels blessed and thankful to have you. It treasures what you give it, whether they are large or small. Fake love on the other hand is full of envy. It scorns your presence. It’s not getting your gifts treasured. With you it always feels unhappy, and it’s always jealous of people who it thinks have more possessions than it has.

8. True love is joyous; bitter is false love.

True love has a heartwarming heart. Its mind is full of positivity. Feeling happy to see others. Fake love on the other hand has a heart full of bitterness. Its mind is full of negativity.

9. True love is kind of respectful; fake love is gross.

True love will respect your thoughts, your choices and even your ambitions. It will honor you, as a person, as well. Fake love on the other hand is arrogant. It doesn’t matter what you think and feel about it. It regards you as a lower person who is not worthy of any consideration.

10. Protects true love; the fake love hurts.

True love can bring pain to you, but it always protects you against anything that will make you suffer in the long run. It’ll defend you against things that corrupt you. It will shield your relationship from things hampering its growth. On the other hand, fake love will give you a few moments of false satisfaction

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