During the current monsoon season cities are having heavy rainfall in most of the Areas .There are a number of precautionary measures that has to be followed during the current season.During this monsoon season your body is prone to infections ,As most of the infectious diseases can attack human body by not taking precautions.Along with the danger of electric current ,In past there are a number of deaths reported during rain due to the electric current.People should always seek for safety under this type of weather as we also need to adopt a number of measures to make sure that we are safe.Either the safety could be protecting our physical body and our families as well.
Who doesn’t love the sound of rain, the smell of earth and the sight of bright green trees paired with blooming flowers? Of course, there are a lot of reasons to love the monsoon season⁠ the most important one being that it indicates the end of scorching summer heat and provides some much-needed relief from the sweltering sun. However, from road accidents to power breakdowns, this wet weather can also cause quite a lot of trouble, especially if you are not prepared . But if you really want to enjoy this time of the year without facing any unfortunate incidents, There are some safety measures that you must follow.


During this current situation when heavy rainfall is going out avoid going out on roads unnecessarily if you in such a condition that its very important then think ,but if it's just for the purpose of enjoyment then avoid .Rainy weather can cause heavy traffic on roads which can be a trouble for you As you need to make it sure that to make your family safe and yourself stay home and safe .There are many cases where people go out unnecessarily and either they’re caught by electric current or they are stuck in traffic.


Road accidents are very common during the monsoon season .That is because the driver are not aware of the tricks and tips that how to drive .Also in these conditions drivers need to practice that how to drive ,Drive slow and keep a normal steady speed in order to protect the people on road ,be careful about the people on walking on roads and bikes.


Apart from protecting yourself from mosquitoes and bites ,You need to protect your windows and doors as when heavy rainfall takes place usually the water can come inside .
You must also protect your furniture that’s placed near windows or doors. If you are concerned about your furniture getting wet, the easiest way is to cover it with big plastic sheets to minimize the damage.


As we have discussed above during the rainfall season there are a number of deaths reported due to the electric current.Avoid contacting with electric wires and appliances keep yourself away .An extreme high voltage and low can damage your appliances.Avoid charging your phone and keep your doorbell closed.

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