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It is a common saying that marriages are settled in the heaven but celebrated on earth. Wedding is one of those occasions in which large numbers of people participate.

The wedding planners not only share your burden but also arrange all the wedding in a professional manner so that the guests may remember this event in the years come.

Apart from decoration, lighting, weather management, power etc, they also make arrangements for proper food. Wedding is such a huge event that no one wants to bear any mistake in it.

If you are also going to marry soon then you might need to get information about the best wedding planners in Pakistan. Following is an overview of the 10 known wedding planners in Pakistan those have successfully arranged various wedding events:

#1 Acropolis

Acropolis is a Karachi based event management and wedding planning company that had gained customer satisfaction in the last few years.

They arrange each and every event of wedding from mahndi to valima and they also offer some extra services such as Valet Parking, 100KVA Back-up Generator, Indoor & Outdoor Air-Conditioning Facilities, Abundant Guest Parking, Safe and Secure Environment.

#2 A2Z events Management Company

A2Z events solutions arranges the entire wedding event and offer good packages. They have their office in Lahore. They are in this business over last two decades now and offer competitive prices and that’s the best thing about them.

#3 Nizam Events Solutions

Nizam events solutions is yet another Karachi based company arranging the wedding events since 1969. It arranges everything to make your wedding event everlasting. It has a whole team of professionals that are well known for their event management services.

#4 Making Memories

It is a well known Lahore based company for event designing and management, also providing services in many other cities. They arrange thematic weddings within minimum time and selected budget. They are expert in providing turn key events.

#5 La Rosh Caterers And Wedding Planners

It is a Karachi based company which is providing its services since 1978. It plans every wedding event including mayoon, mahndi, barat and valeema. They are ready to work on any budget from the low to high.

# 6 Royal Wedding And Event Planners

Royal wedding and event planners is located in Islamabad. It is also a well known company that arranges high class wedding event at good prices. They can arrange modern, romantic or classical wedding events according to your liking.

#7 Imaginative Wedding & Events Planner by Sana Junaid Khan

Sana junaid is a owner of this organization based in Lahore. Sana is a good addition to the wedding planners list in Pakistan. The good thing about Sana is that she deals every customer personally and is ready to arrange your wedding in any budget.

#8 Asian Decorators

Asian decorators are also one of the top 10 best wedding planners in Pakistan. They arranges every wedding event in exactly the same way you want it to be.

# 9 Ambreen Bawani

Ambreen Bawani works under the name of Shadi Mubarik. She is an excellent wedding planner that plans your complete wedding right from selecting the wedding cards to the decors and floral. She is running this wedding company in Islamabad.

# 10 Tapis Rouge

Tapis rouge is also famous for thematic events and catering services in Lahore. They also have unique selection of wedding decors and work under the client’s budget. They are also providing many other event services for weddings.

These are the top 10 best wedding planners in Pakistan. If you need further information on wedding planning feel free to ask in the comments below. We shall be waiting for your reviews and comments. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook.


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