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Have you seen popular online pictures that are used for different memes on Facebook, Twitter and almost all of the social media? Well those are called NFTs. It’s a reproducible data such as images, movies and audio. They use a digital ledger for offering ownership certificate without limiting the sharing or copying of the NFTs. So if you have such an NFT that you want to sell or if you want to buy one then these websites can help you out!

Open Sea

Open Sea is an online market place for NFTs. Here users can generate NFTs for free and sell them directly or via auction. For first time users its best start and it’s also free.

It has a wide range of digital materials available on its platform. It also helps artists and creators, and provides a simple approach for creating your own NFT.


This is another great website for users who wish to create and sell NFTs of all kinds. The only road block that you can face here is  Rarible’s own token  that they created for selling and buying of NFTs on the website.

This market is one of Ethereum’s most popular platforms, and it’s run by a community that sells digital art and collectibles.

Larva Labs/Crypto Punks

The Crypto Punks are a cast of 10,000 characters created at random. Each one is unique, and they can only be formally owned by a single individual on the Ethereum blockchain.

Larva Labs also work on a number of additional digital art projects. It includes Autoglyphs and other Ethereum blockchain-based app development initiatives.


SuperRare like all other websites is an online digital creator for all those who want to create and sell their NFTs online. Buyers can also buy the NFTs online using Ethereum. All transactions take place on the blockchain, resulting in a tamper-proof record of each artwork’s past.

Artists are paid royalties on all secondary sales of their work on an ongoing basis. They launched their own token for their transactions based on Ethereum. These tokens will be used to discover and curate fresh talent for the platform.


Foundation is NFT platform that intend on creating a new innovative economy in which creators can use their Ethereum blockchain token.

Live bidding is available for a number of Foundation artworks, including the Edward Snowden NFT, on the platform. But if you’re looking for starting to create simple and easy NFTs then Foundation is not for you.

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