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Nature is the best way to relax and fight stress when we spend all day cooped up indoors. We turn towards our phones and computers to maybe find a solace and unwind all the days stress.

But most of the time these gadgets are not the solution. We need to get out in the nature to fight stress and relax.  You’ll realize that just being outside with no responsibilities whatsoever can be indeed very tranquil for you mind and your body.

Here are the best ways nature helps fight stress.

Go to Beach

I believe that the sound of sea waves crashing along the shore really helps you relax. Just go to a beach in the early hours of the day and sit down on the sand to soak up the sun. Maybe walk along the shore barefoot and sort out your thoughts and unwind all the unnecessary stress and feelings out in nature.

Go to Park

After spending a long day at your work desk, go to a park for a walk. Take a book with you or maybe just sit on a bench and breathe in the fresh air. This will help you feel better physically and emotionally. It will reduce blood pressure and the production of stress hormones in your body.


If you’re too tired or busy to go out for a walk or to a beach then you can meditate at home. Meditation is considered a mind-body medicine that helps you induce in a relaxation state. Find a quiet time to meditate probably in early hours when you can only hear the sounds of nature. That time after a good night sleep you can meditate and have a good start to your day.


It is well known that exercise helps in improving health and mood and makes you feel relaxed. Flexion of your body will definitely help you loosen up the tight muscles after a long day. You can hit the gym on weekends and get in shape or you can use a treadmill every day.

Sit in the sun

Getting much sunlight is inconsistent with tough work routines. Make sure to save up some work that you can do out in daylight to soak up some vitamin d. After spending a few hours out in the heat offer a much needed change of scenery to fight stress. You can even stay till the sun sets and enjoy the view and relax.

Grow Plants

The best to be closer to nature is if you try to grow some plants. Get a few pots and some seeds and plant your own plants. After your work day spend an hour or so with your plants. Water them, cut out any thorns, arrange them, and sometimes sit outside beside your plants and read. This will definitely help fight stress of the whole day.

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