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Karachi is well known for its diversity of food and has many cuisine places that every time you’ll have a new restaurant to visit. From dhabas to street food stalls and to very atmospheric desi and continental restaurants, Karachi has you all covered. But there are a few exceptions that we believe are the best restaurants you must visit once while you’re staying in Karachi.

Lal Qila

It is safe to say that Lal qila is more attracted for its antique architecture if not for their food. The building is made like the old structures from Mughal era, offering you a full familiarity of being in the castle of a Mughal. The food they offer is a mix of Pakistan’s traditional food, live Barbecue and Muglai food. But if you visit the place at different times of the day you will see novel dishes served.

Bar-B-Que Tonight

Another restaurant that has been around for decades in Karachi, that it has become a favorite. Karachiites are huge a fan of Barbecue and they are highly pleased with the restaurants auspicious variety in their menu. They offer all kinds of barbecue dishes, seafood and Pakistani dishes that are authentic and hygienic. The main Clifton branch is a 3 story building where you can chose to dine inside or out on their terrace where you get the splendid view of the live kitchen.

Kolachi Restaurant

Kolachi became a new addition to Karachi’s astounding restaurants a decade ago. But it very swiftly became a local’s favorite because of its unique location. It is located at the seaside known as do darya that it offers an outlook of the ocean as you dine at your table. If you visit at day time then be sure to revel in the great sight and get instagram worthy pictures. The menu includes barbecue, continental, traditional dishes and of course seafood that you get to relish everything at one place.

Xander’s Cafe

Xander’s is a famous nowadays and will have to get in line to get a reservation. Their menu lists sandwiches to steak and pasta and burgers that are a perfect blend of your favorite continental food. Their best sellers include parmesan chicken, caesar salad, xandurs club sandwich, alfredo pasta and pizza margarita. So if you’re craving any of these then don’t wait up.

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