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This is a high level but general purpose interpreted programming language. It helps in writing clear codes for their purposes. Python is a very popular and powerful programming language and is objected oriented used for hacking. What makes hacking easier with Python is that it offers ready-made modules. So if you are a first timer start with Python.

C Programming

C programming is the OG of the programming languages and most famous operating systems run on C programming. It makes hacking easier for hackers because of its low level nature and gives it advantage over other languages. Hackers will gain a better understanding of operating systems by learning C. You better learn C and C++ because they’re both useful for hackers.


Understanding and use of JavaScript can be really useful for hackers since most web applications use JavaScript. So exploitation with JavaScript is easier and allows hackers to exploit much exposure. This programming language is also used to duplicate malware and corruptions on websites. It also read saved cookies on the websites.


PHP or hyper preprogramming is another programming language that comes in handy for hackers as PHP is used to build web applications. Hackers can take plenty advantage of deprecated libraries on web apps. This is a server side scripting and is also used to write custom applications that can alter internet servers and make the global server vulnerable to attacks.


This is a general purpose programming language that is mostly used for mobile and system apps development. Java let their programmers write once, run anywhere that slogan that complies that it can run on all platforms that support Java. It has also been used by hackers to steal identities and carry out destructive actions on client systems undetected.

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