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It’s a fun time to play outdoor games, especially in the summertime. When you have access time during summer break, you can play these outdoor games to entertain yourself and your friends. You can enjoy some of the games by yourself when you don’t have company. But most of these games are fun when you play in groups. The rules are easier to follow and sometimes you can make your own for fun.
Here are the best outdoor games to play.

Four Square

This is a ball game that is played inside a square that you can make using a chalk. Further divide it in 4 squares and mark them by a number. The players stand in each box and the pass around the ball making sure it doesn’t fall on any lines. The goal is to keep moving on the next box to earn the highest rank. This is an interesting game where you can add as many players as you want.

Hide and seek

This is the most common game played among children. The rules are simple to follow and are very exciting to play. One player closes their eyes and count to a certain number while other players find a place to hide. That one player has to then find the other players. Because this is a very old game kids make their own versions to make the game more fun.


Tag is an easy one to play and understand as it has simple rules. One player is choose randomly or is eliminated through rock, paper, scissors, whichever is easy, then that player has to chase around other players and tag them. Whoever gets tagged first becomes the one who now chases other players. It’s a fun game where kids can run around and stop when they want.


For this particular game you need to make the hopscotch grid that starts from 1 to 8 or sometimes 10. The game starts by the first player throwing a rock at first box and then hops from the next one till the end and back. The game continues on like that followed by each player till you reach the last box. It gets hard to throw the rock at the big numbers that are a bit far which increases the enjoyment for the kids.

Red Rover

Red Rover is a simple game to understand. You need to divide in to 2 groups, and form a line holding hands. The opposite team calls out “red rover, come out” and one player from the other team comes out and tries to break the other teams line. If he fails he joins that team and it goes on like that. This game requires no equipment, and teaches kids the rules of playing in teams.

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