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It’s no surprise that our world has many beautiful places and monuments worth visiting once in your life. Most of those places are natural landscapes that are literally breathtaking. But a number of places are man-made and are very famous and visited by many tourists every year.

Here are a few of the monuments of the world best known for their unique architecture and of course their location.

Great Wall of China

This particular monument has sure kept everyone interested and intrigued for years. Great Wall of China is a great tourist place visited by millions of visitors every year. It covers a distance of 21,196 km and is built of stones, bricks, tiles and other stuff. The wall was originally built to protect against enemies who tried to invade in China. But later became the trade route for goods through Silk Road.

Statue of Liberty

A fun fact about statue of liberty is that it was a gift from France to America. It was actually built in France and was later transported in parts to New York. The statue is 90m high and is made up of iron and copper, but the flame is made of gold. The monument is located at Hudson River that faces New York City.

Great Pyramid Of Giza

Great Pyramid of Egypt is another monument that is thousands of years old. It’s astonishing to think that these great structures were built in a time when there were no machines and only manual labor was available. These monuments were built to bury the bodies of Pharaoh who ruled at the time in Egypt. The pyramids are made of stone and the shape is supposed to represent the primordial mound which Egyptians believed the earth was made from.

Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu which means ‘Old Mountain’ are referred to as the ruins of a lost city of Incas. According to archaeologists it was constructed as a state for the Inca emperor and was occupied from 1420-1532. It was built in a classical style of Inca but after it was discovered most buildings were reconstructed same as they were before to give tourists a full experience. The city is a marvelous example of Inca’s engineering as the city is an incredible sight.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a very famous sight in Italy. The reason behind the leaning of the bell tower of Pisa is that during the time of construction the soil was very soft and unstable. After the completion of the third floor it started to lean slightly. It was stabilized in 2001 reducing the tilt to 3.97 degrees which was originally 5.5 degrees. So, this whole leaning thing makes this a site that should be visited once and to definitely climb all the stairs up to 7th floor.

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