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In our daily lives we consume a range of different healthy foods. But there are some nutrition’s that are essential for us to maintain a healthy life. We must comprise the important nutrition food in our everyday life food ingestion. The food must contain different vegetables and fruits that offer different nutrition that is all beneficial for our bodies and for our life.


It is well known that vegetables are the source of high nutrition food. We can find numerous vegetables that contain different energy sources for us. We must make a habit of consuming different vegetables every day. Some of these are broccoli, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower etc. that are rich in nutrition. These have a high number of vitamins, protein, and potassium and have low carbs.


Another really important healthy food we should eat every day is assortment of fruits. Whenever you feel the need to have a snack at any particular time you can grab apples and oranges that are high in vitamin C and fiber. Strawberries are also rich in Vitamin C and fiber and are a fancy and very delicious fruit to have. Bananas are a perfect snack too which are easy to munch and have high potassium and fiber.


Meat offers a healthy dose of nutrition as it has iron, vitamin B and zinc. We can include selection of meat in our diet including chicken breast that is high in protein and interestingly low on fat and calories. Other than that there is lamb, and beef that are high in protein and iron.

Dry Fruits

Another fun snack for your free time considered to be healthy food is dry fruits. They are easy to eat and you can munch on them while binge watching TV or movies. They contain the important nutrition that our body requires including Vitamin E and magnesium. You can easily create a habit of eating nuts every day and fulfill your body with the necessary protein. Almonds are loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants, whereas, coconuts are enriched with fiber, magnesium and carbs. Walnuts also have a high amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.


How can we miss out on seafood and fish and other sea animals we get to feast on that offer copious nutrition to us as well. Seafood ingestion is very important for every human being to have a healthy life. They contain nutrition like omega-3 fatty acids that are usually present in fish. They contain Vitamin D, B12 and calcium, and every other nutrient available in meat.

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