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Giving gifts to the people around us, is a tradition as old as time if we must say. Its custom known in every culture and country that shows the care, love and respect you have for the other person. The exchange of gifts is not only done with friends and family but with esteem guests and on special occasions. This tradition makes any event memorable and something people look forward to. Here are a few gift giving traditions around the world.


Chinese are particular about receiving and giving out gifts considering they follow tradition for it. The gifts they would accept are Chinese tea set, red envelopes with money, and books about china, fruits, clothes and custom Chinese name seal. Also Chinese people receive gift in theory that they will have to return the favor. They also refuse to accept the gift a few times before receiving it that shows modesty and chivalry and their upbringing in the practice of receiving and giving.


In France gifts are acceptable when you visit someone’s house or at social events and on Christmas Eve or the day. They most precisely give gifts as a thank you and they also exercise discretion in this practice. The appropriate gifts are champagne or any alcohol, fine chocolates, Paris themes glassware, flowers, or moleskin Notebook. But whatever you chose make sure it’s of high quality.


Americans also love to give out gifts to friends and family. They love to wrap their gifts in beautiful wrapping papers. Guests usually leave the gifts at a table and the receiver opens them after the guests leave. Most Native Americans follow the opposite of the natural gift giving tradition. At some occasions like birthdays or weddings the hosts are the ones who give out gifts.


Giving and receiving of gifts is considered a gesture of friendship in Zimbabwe. So it’s presumed rude or offensive to refuse a gift. You can even assume to be asked for a gift as it’s a normal occurrence there. Moreover, the person giving the present expects to receive a thank you in some gesture instead of a verbal one. Giving and receiving of gifts is reflected as a gesture of friendship.


In Japan gifts are given much more significance and are taken very seriously. They believe them to be a mandatory custom which they practice traditionally twice in a year. Before you give out any gift you must inform the receiver as Japanese people don’t like to be surprised. They’ll be embarrassed if they’re not aware and have nothing to offer in return.

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