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A cuisine is a specific set of traditions and cooking practices, often associated with a particular culture or region. Cuisine requires the preparation of food in a specific style, with particular forms with food and drink, to create individually consumed products or distinct meals. When you’re out of the region, some tips are required not to get lost in the range of tastes and flavor’s. Now we are going to send you a rundown of stories not just about the best food destinations but also how to appreciate what’s on your plate. Nutrition has long been one of the strongest means of knowing the world. The dining table is the source of traditions. Where friends, family and lovers meet to create memories. Most traditions revolve around food, with culinary sacrifices welcomed by the gods. Food is the best way to really see the soul of a country, and getting the ability to eat and share their food with local people is a really special one. Few of the best cuisines are:

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Only thought about an Indian curry's aromatic aromas has my mouth watering. Pair it with the amazing quality of bread and ancient ways of cooking and you have one of the planet's tastiest cuisines. If we schedule a trip to India, we always intend to be vegetarian all the time we’re there, since there are so many delicious vegetarian and vegan meals in India. One of the best parts of Indian food is the price. If you’ve had it in your home country, you’d be forgiven for questioning this statement. In the west, Indian food can be as pricy as a steak meal, but in India, it’s not. In India, you can entire meals on the street for fewer than 50 cents.


The first cuisine in the world to be declared an Intangible Cultural Asset by Unesco, Mexican food is as rich as it is spicy and Mexico undoubtedly has one of the world's best cuisines. Mexico has so many things to do but our dream is still dining. Nutrition here ranges from area to area even more than tacos and quesadillas so it's still good. Days date more than 9000. In fact, food like burritos, chimichangas, taco salad, fajitas and even the famous “Mexican” cocktail, the Margarita, were all invented in the US. But Mexico doesn’t need those dishes to retain its title as one of the best countries for food.
It has rich, luxurious moles and fluffy tamales of the Yucatan, the historic “tacos al pastor” that find roots in Lebanon, fresh oysters in Puerto Vallarta, and mouthwatering breakfast. Travelling in Mexico is a food-lover’s dream.


It’s hard to speak about Italian food, it’s better to enjoy it. The traditional colors of Italian cuisine – red, green and yellow always create a great mixture of flavor and taste. Usually all the dishes are based on tomato, bread and olive oil. The secret of the cuisine is not in a sophisticated preparation process, it is more in the freshness of the products. For example like pasta spaghetti, pasta, red wine etc

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