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It’s essential to have car alternatives as driving around in cars gets tiring. Not to mention you have to fill the tank every day and contribute the pollution. But you can’t just give up on your mode of transportation weather you need it for work or school.

There are many options you can explore instead of driving in your own car.
Here are the best car alternatives.


Starting off with the obvious one, walking definitely is the ideal option. Leave your car keys behind and walk to your workplace if it’s nearby or if you have lunch plans with friends or if you’re just going to the market. Be sure that it’ll help you relax when you breathe in the fresh air and walk along the road noticing little things that you miss out on while driving. It will offer you plenty of time to think and it also contributes to your health.

Public Transportation

Try taking a bus, or train to work once in a while. Although it may not be an ideal alternative, you should at least try it out. It’ll save you the trouble of taking your own car and having the worry of parking and driving in traffic. It will also help reduce the stress of driving yourself daily to work back and forth which is vexing. And helps you save energy you need at work.


This is the most fun one if you want it to be. Instead of taking your own car for an outing with friends you can carpool in a friend’s car. Take one car when you’re already going to one place and save your fuel and energy. You can look forward to having a fun time in the car by chatting with friends and catch up and also listen to music together. You can carpool to work as well with colleagues who live nearby you. This way you can bond outside of work as well.


Another fun option is biking, when walking gets too tiring for you or the place you want to go to is a bit far. Bikes are cheaper than cars obviously but they are also easier to maintain and ride on as well. And a fun fact is you can reach your destination faster than you do with a car. You can also take the bike on a Sunday for a ride around your neighborhood or to go to a park for relaxing. So, to sum it bikes are more convenient and less energy consuming than cars.


Consider taking cabs or taxis when there’s a special occasion. If you have a work event or a family function and taking out your own car is a bit of bother then order yourself an uber. Or if you want to visit a friend or relative outside the city and don’t want the hassle of your own car then you can take a cab. It’s less worrisome and you can enjoy your time on the ride instead of being tied to the steering wheel and worrying about the next fuel stop.

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