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Imran Khan “The Next Generation Hero”


It was a historic day back in 1997, which turned into a reality on 25th July, 2018 when Imran Khan was asked by a journalist that, “You haven’t won a single seat in the 1997 elections?” to which he replied,

Meray voter ko jawan honay do.”

As we all know that Imran Khan and his team has marked their foot firmly in Islamabad as they formed their government in federal for the first time in the history of PTI. For them, it still seems to be a beautiful dream but a reality. It was not a piece of cake for their leader to get this result, but it was a 22 years of struggle, day and night hard work, never give-up approach, dedication, and patience outcome.
But actually the real test starts now.
The purpose of writing this article is to discuss the probable challenges that Khan’s regime is going to face with mighty stones on their way, loans, trade deficit, unstable economy, politicized institutions, state’s machinery in loss, and many such massive problems he and his team will witness in front of them in these 100 days.
We know that, before coming into power, Imran Khan used to reinforce time-to-time in his jalsas, that he got 100 day agenda which he will bring into practice if he forms his government. It includes 50 lac houses, 1 crore employment, formation of the South Punjab province, institutional reforms and so on so forth. Basically, people elected him because of his stance against corruption, especially which he has a clear opinion about PPP and PML-N as mainstream parties since last 30 to 35 years are the roots of corruption which is also the opinion of the majority of the people of Pakistan. Now the ball is in his court. Let’s see how he delivers with so many obstacles in his way in coming 5 years starting from 100 days.
If we look backward at his life, we’ll find some great accomplishments in his account. Like; world cup, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, and Namal University. Whatever he takes as a challenge, he took that to the meaningful end. People, his critics, and even experts told him that the cancer hospital is impossible to establish in a country like Pakistan because it requires higher funding. But his intention was pure and he did it. He took his political party from no-where to here, when people use to discourage him that the 3rd party concept is not exist in Pakistan’s politics, but he breaks the status quo eventually.
All above scenarios were seem to be impossible, but he turned them into reality. And now here he is with a 22 years of struggle behind, but a bundle of challenges to counter ahead.
His 100 day agenda looks to be attractive and relevant, but here is a confusion in few minds which I have heard on media channels that how Imran Khan will achieve or fulfill whatever he acknowledged to people in 100 days? Well, Either they’re misinterpreting it or they know everything and trying to misguide people. The timeline which he has given does not mean that he’ll do all the work in these days, but rather means whatever he has ensured people about his plan, he will accelerate those activities in motion, or he will set such directions which make sure that the things are going on a right track. People will witness a change. Logically, 50 lacs houses to be built is impossible in 100 days, it’s a 5 year program, but the work will be initiated at this time, that’s what he is trying to say. If we revisit his agenda, we’ll find that it seems to be way difficult to achieve his task in a given time frame, but his objective is clean and his past record tells us that he can do it. Like, he has delivered in KPK, especially in the police department, improvement in tourism, progress in education and health sectors are the reason why KP people have given him another opportunity with a better 2/3 majority.
Well, it’s been around  129 days  so far and the way he took decisions, brought matters on the table to resolve issues especially on cutting expenditure is meritorious.
But the question is, Is he really showcase his work in front of his people in 100 days? in my view yes he did actually he set the path, he is clear where he wants to go, 2019 will be a golden ERA for Pakistan In Sha Allah
Well! He is a born optimist, but a lone warrior, it makes a bit complicated for him with an existing bureaucracy, but not impossible to root out corrupt system and definitely for that, it will take time. What he can at least do is to set a couple of examples that things are moving on, slowly, but definitely.
I believe we should give him a chance which he deserves. I’m not a kind of a hero worship person who defend him even if he is at wrong side, but if people have chosen him, then he should be given a whole term to deliver, and if he fails, then people should reject him and then elect some alternate leader other than those who had been given chances in the past.
We know that he has shown dreams to this hopeless and depressed public whose expectations from him is right up at the sky, and we also know that he may face a lot of resistance and obstacles during his work in coming days, but if he keeps his temperament organized, take right decisions, and didn’t panic, then definitely he will succeed.
Thus, the challenge is big, but the confidence is high. More than 200 million people are behind him, he should take the first step, make all his effort and move on. As Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” If he or his cabinet, or any other team member makes any mistake than opposition parties should correct him because the ultimate objective is to carry Pakistan to the level and height of prosperity.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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