Are you a diet conscious person but can never control your cravings and diet plan .Yes there are alot of people in the same train.Your diet is the only thing that represents your lifestyle to other people.There are people who refer eatings tons of food and still never crave to have a balanced digestion .Spearmint tea is an answer for a lot of diseases that we are suffering in our daily life.


Making spearmint tea is super easy as it requires very little ingredients .
You need to take a cup of water
Boil the water on low flame .
After bringing the water to boil add 3-4 spearmint patels and lat it cook on a very low flame .
After 1-2minutes turn off the flame and leave for 2 ,minutes until it absorbs full flavor.
You can serve the tea hot or cold anyways.
Either keep the tea to let it cool or drink it hot


Spearmint tea works as a magic to those who are suffering with digestion issues .
Also it helps alot to the people who are suffering with nausea ,vomiting and gas.
These issues are mainly connected with your digestive system.When your digestive system is strong it can help you in all ways.
Also people who are suffering from constipation and severe breathing issues due to constipation.


Another most important factor that we can consider is that it acts as an supportive aid to the womens who are suffering from PCOS (POLYCYSTIC SYNDROME OVARIES)
And hormone imbalances .
When women are suffering from these primarily diseases the insulin level rises which is extremely dangerous ,Spearmint tea helps to maintain your insulin level and keep a balance between blood sugar .
Spearmint tea acts as a highly antioxidant .The spices that we eat reacts in our stomach and need oxidant agents that dilutes these chemical solutions easily .These chemical oxidants can cause acidity attacks in our body ,Spearmint tea helps with it too.

Oxidative stress has been linked to severe chronic diseases which include heart diseases,cancer.


Spearmint tea helps to reduce facial hair of women and helps women who are suffering from hirsutism.Excessive hair growth on women’s face.When women’s body is having an increase of make hormone and androgen are linked to over excessive growth of hair.


Spearmint tea helps in improving your memory as well as keeps your mind stress free and anxiety free .Additionally, the leaves of this plant contain menthol, which has a relaxing, sedative effect on the body.Spearmint tea also treats your insomnia ,Lack of sleep.

Spearmint tea is a very effective herbal tea which is highly effective whether it be your mental health or your physical health. This herbal tea fights with all the bacterial infections in your body .

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