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We had been busy looking for which metropolises really offer the best public transport system over the whole world. The answer was not that simple as it varies from person to person for some people value affordability over efficiency some prefer sustainability over ease. It has been observed that the best tourism cities boast great public transport especially the network of trains, boats, buses anything that can take you speedily and also cheaply to your desired place. Urban mobility is rapidly becoming a major challenge for larger cities. It doesn't seem to be an easy task to streamline traffic and look for solutions to population growth.

But there are a lot of cities that are maintaining at high end to modernize the public transit system keeping in view the safety regulations. Where the urban mobility is concerned the following cities rank the highest as the most advance cities in the world:


To start with the electronic services that includes the newly enhanced trip planner also the ticketing system with an easy to use card that is readily connected to an app. Perhaps, the Singapore system ranks highest in terms of affordability which extends to the tourist as well. Whether you are hopping a bus or a train or may be hailing for a taxi, Singapore serves the most efficient system that is convenient, accessible and sustainable along with the affordability at all times.


London has been very popular with its LONDON bus which is an amazing feature of this city. This provides an easy and adventurous way for the visitors to see the sights. The people from this city find the transportation system very efficient and innovative. How can we forget the TUBE, London Underground rail network. Keeping in mind that is affordable for the people it is also so simple and streamlined that almost half the citizens use the tube subway maps as an aid in walking the city.

Hong Kong

Then comes the highly amazing extensive transit system globally, Hong Kong. The public transport here is used by almost 5.8 million people on a daily basis. According to a report the sheer breadth of the metro network ensures 75 percent of the population is within one kilometer of any station. And despite the high amount of daily foot traffic it sees, their system maintains an extraordinary 99.9 percent on-time rate.

Although the system is supposed to be efficient and easy to maneuver once you understand it, yet it is quite complicated and can take some time to get used to. It is suggested to take some time to understand the available options.


Having some incredible art and culture, there are thousands of reasons one would want to get around Paris. Say thanks to its superior public transit system, which is easy to do. The train system in this city of lights operates almost 24 hours a day, with about 6 million riders using its service. the y have installed more than 40,000 cameras at the train station making it the safest system as well. Also the electronic services can be accessed and navigated easily.


The travelers appreciate the public transport for its comfort and accessibility and as it said that the quality of transit is constantly controlled. Not only does this city have an extraordinary inner-city transit system, but its system is also linked up seamlessly with light-rail trains so as to take locals and tourists all around Europe.

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