The products you purchase are your own choice you always try purchasing those products that are suitable and reasonable for you as most of the time people only purchase products only when it’s needed .Your budget also defines your purchasing power .As when your income is low you tend to buy things at a low rate ,Compared to when you have handsome amount of income every month you increase your purchasing power.
It’s not only about your budget sometimes you find things that are not durable and authentic as the price against.People who are mostly brand conscious usually want to buy things that are highly authentic and original .
The authenticity of the product depends on a certain factor as to determine whether your product is original or not.


Every brand has a different logo and font ,They usually don't allow any copyright to their logo as nobody is allowed to copy the logo of that brand same as it.Also if you have purchased a product saying that it belongs to a certain XYZ brand do check the logo first .If the logo is displaced or did not match the real logo and colors.Then the product is not authentic.


The quality of the product matters the most as brands usually do not have the poor quality .They have the rich quality of products and colors .Whenever you get a product from brand you always find the best of best quality which is unique .No other local replicas or first copy can make the same because people selling copies and replicas usually don't use best material as the real brand does.So it clearly shows whether if the material is real and authentic.


Fake products have a gigantic market of their own and have now seeped deep into the mainstream market as well. It is this market that lets black money flourish and also, takes a toll on the actual brands, as they absorb all the revenue value. Moreover, when it comes to electrical appliances, a majority of the mishaps that occur such as short circuit, spark or burning of the wires, are due to just one common factor: the products were illegal duplicates of the original brand. The imitation is so well concealed that it is difficult for one to know whether it is a pirated product or not.

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