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After years of traditional wedding we have now moved to a newer concept which is Destination wedding. Such weddings usually take place in a foreign land or a resort where the couple welcomes their guest to attend a wedding far from their home. Weddings are the most important occasion of someone's life that is why we always make sure that this memorable day should be perfect in every aspect. A perfect wedding needs proper planning, from what kind of shoes to buy to what kind of venue the wedding should take place. Keeping your wedding at a place which is heavenly beautiful and amazing is another dream. But if you are a bit low on budget you can also make a perfect wedding setup within the available space, The world is full of remarkable historic momentums and places. You just need .
Here are some short-listed places which are extremely wonderful and can serve the purpose on your big day.


Rome has some timelessly beautiful churches and places to set your wedding. A place full of art and romance is something we all think about. Extremely romanticised and architectural. The land has historical value from its colosseums to old statues and not to forget the Vatican City which is also in Rome. The Italian cuisine is to die for. Rome provides everything a destination wedding could ask for.


If you’re seeking a unique wedding destination, Spain has something for everyone. For lovers of art and architecture, the city of Barcelona is a hub of modernism and surrealism, hosting work by Salvadore Dali, Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. If regal, manicured gardens, provincial palaces and a thriving city are more your style, then Madrid is the destination for you. Once you’ve selected which magical city will host your special day, simply add some salsa to add a fun Spanish flair to your reception.


Everyone wants some beautiful regal churches, but some of us desire to have their wedding next to some beautiful seashore and ocean. Maldives is one of those places where people actually desire to travel. The beautiful resorts beside the coast gives amazing effects and pure satisfaction. The seashore and nature is at its best throughout the year.


In France’s capital city, romance lingers in the air. Paris has always been synonymous with love, making it a leading destination for couples who are seeking to create an unforgettable wedding. Boasting artistic and architectural wonders, lush gardens and, of course, the Eiffel Tower, finding the perfect place to host your wedding in this charming city presents no challenges. Whether you opt for a daylight ceremony in the gardens or a night-time event as the city lights up and the Eiffel Tower shines.


The most preferred and beautiful places in Turkey are Antalya, Istanbul and Urgup. It is a beautiful land of seas mosque and beautiful architecture. The places in Turkey are extremely wonderful. Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important details that determine the atmosphere of the wedding. The number of foreigners holding their weddings in Turkey is increasing every year. Hotels and resorts are full in the summers. Turkey faces extreme winters during the months of November till February. The winter season adds to the magical effects of this beautiful country.

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