Best ways to reduce gender discrimination

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Gender discrimination occurs when people are treated differently just because they are male or female, rather than on the basis of their unique abilities or skills. Here are some ways to prevent gender discrimination:

  • Equal access to education for both genders

In many rural areas women have no rights of education and due to early marriages they are not given a chance to study. Similarly, men are expected to work and earn at minor ages and are not able to complete their education. Society has a moral responsibility to ensure that all children receive a sufficient education that equips them with the skills they need to become contributing adults.

This is also in the best interests of society, as it is a waste of resources if certain children do not obtain a good education. Every learner possesses skills that can be developed through formal education. This will teach both the genders about gender equality and the right to education for both the genders.

  • Empower women in workplace

At majority of the workplaces, more men than women are entitled at senior positions. Also there is a huge pay gap between both the genders as usually men are paid more. This gap can be filled by paying both the genders equally and giving women equal work opportunities as men. In addition, women should be given maternity leaves after a child so that they donot lose their jobs. Offering paid leave and childcare, supporting more women in leadership jobs, and revising compensation are all ways to combat gender discrimination.

  • Remove the gender pay gap

In most workplaces, men are paid more than women even in high-level positions. Hence, firms should look into equal pay and increase women salaries to put an end to this discrimination. Men and women, both, are capable of performing the same tasks within their own capabilities.

The safest option is to educate workers on their rights regarding pay. They should advocate for equal pay for similar positions and never settle for less. Working are known to put more efforts as they’re contributing to the household chores as well. Hence, men should also be given paid parental leaves in order to give their wives a bit of relaxation.

  • Recruit and promote women

Men should contribute in household and with children. Similarly women should be allowed to work and both should contribute equally. Make sure the minimal job qualifications aren’t so high that they disqualify women just because they’ve been denied leadership possibilities. This does not imply reducing standards, but rather a more realistic assessment of them.

Firms should increase the diversity of the application pool by recruiting broadly and specifically. Word-of-mouth is insufficient. They should have a strict practice of distributing applications anonymously to the HR as it will protect women against unconscious bias.

  • Zero tolerance for sexual harassment

Domestic violence and sexual assault are illegal in an unprecedented number of countries. However, these rules are frequently disregarded, threatening the rights of women and girls to protection and justice. Females are more likely to experience sexual harassment than men.

Employees must be able to report bullying, sexual harassment, and racism without fear of being publicly humiliated or fired. Cases that have been proven should be punished. Men or women should be encouraged to come out for their harassers. Punishments should be the same for both the genders.

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