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Rain season can put your house through a lot if not properly taken care of. You can’t prevent all the problems that come with the heavy rain but these measures will help you prevent most of them.

Here are the best ways to protect your house from rain.


Protect house’s walls:

To keep your walls intact during rainy season you must make sure you have proper drainage system. This can lead to water in the walls when draining system is not fixed. Get any leakages or joints fixed that are leaking or have the chances of dripping and damaging your walls. Cover any wall cracks that can lead to water leakage. Instead of painting over them you must seal them with waterproof mortar or wall putty and paint over them. After you’ve taken care of the internal damages to the wall and covered up any cracks, paint your walls with water proof paint.

Protect Doors:

If you have wooden doors then you definitely need to make them rain proof. Wooden doors have a propensity to sweep because of the increase in the amount of moisture in the air. You can avoid it by applying oil to the side of doors, or use sandpaper and scrub where the door get stuck when closing.

Installing a canopy over your door will also protect it from the direct rainfall. With metal framed windows you need to keep them dry constantly and paint them regularly to protect from moisture.

Get your roof inspected:

Check your roof first and foremost for may rain damage. Protect your create roof by waterproofing it with a sealer or you can apply liquid waterproofing gel. Clean the gutters as well do that rain water doesn’t pool up on your roof and gets drained easily.

Also make sure to cover any leaking areas on the roof. This could lead to dripping inside your house which can be very problematic.

Indoor Atmosphere:

When you get locked up in your house during rain season it gets a little gloomy. The humid air and lack of natural light inside your house adds up to the depressing atmosphere. You need to keep your house properly ventilated

Prevent Leakages:

It’s important to cover up any leakages before hand as to stop the rain water from getting inside your house. Any cracks in your house on the walls or ceilings must be patched up or your walls will be weaken. Painting your roof and walls with water proof paint is also another initiative that can prevent the walls from leaking any rain water.

These measures must be taken before the rainy season starts to prevent any future problems


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