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Car theft is one of the most common forms of crime that happen every day. If your automobile gets stolen and it is not insured either, you end up losing so much money. Even if you end up finding your stolen car, the process is really exhausting and expensive.

Knowing the different types of theft and how to spot the indicators that a thief is about to steal your vehicle will help you reduce the chances of having your vehicle stolen. According to a source, cars are frequently stolen from petrol pumps, ATM’s and public parking lots.

Here are 10 ways to help keep protect your car from theft.

1. Lock your car doors:

Always re-check whether the doors are locked or not as it is the first and the foremost important step in protecting your vehicle. You can also lock the steering wheel just in case someone breaks through the door.

2. Remove keys from the vehicle:

If the thief sees the keys hanging, he can break through the window and easily drive away your vehicle. Even if you’re only heading into a store for a quick errand, do not leave your car running. A burglar may find a running vehicle simple to target, especially if it is unattended.

3. Keep the windows closed:

A burglar can reach into your vehicle through an open window and take whatever they can reach, or they can unlock the door and get complete access to your vehicle and everything within. Hence, before stepping down, check whether the windows are shut completely.

4. Park in secured spaces:

Park in well-lit and well-trafficked areas as it will protect your car from the criminals. The areas might have cameras installed and the car thief may resist in performing the criminal activity with the fear of being caught. A well-lit parking lot is significantly less dangerous than one that is dark.

5. Install a theft detector alarm:

Install an audible alarm because if someone tries to enter the vehicle when the alarm is on, the alarm will make a loud noise. The noise may deter a potential robber due to the unwelcome attention it attracts and alert the owner. This way, you can catch the thief as well.

6. Install a tracker in your vehicle:

When somebody steals your car, you can track their activity through GPS and send those signals to the police. This may aid the police in locating your vehicle more quickly.

7. Install a car immobiliser:

Car immobilisers are installed so that the thief can not bypass the ignition through hot wire. The immobiliser will disable the vehicle, making it impossible for a thief to steal it.

8. Don’t keep a spare key near your car:

Some people store a backup key in the glove box or under the car in case they get locked out, but criminals know where to look for one. While being locked out of your car is inconvenient, consider the inconvenience of having your car stolen.

9. Don’t leave valuables in your car:

Leaving a cell phone, purse or other valuable item in a highly visible place of your car is one way to lure a thief. If you have anything significant with you, make sure it’s hidden. Putting valuables in the trunk before you arrive your destination is the best way to protect them.

10. Stay alert:

Always keep an eye on the side mirrors to see if any unknown or suspicious person is approaching you. Park somewhere else when you feel something is not right and always double-check your car doors and windows to make sure they’re properly locked.

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