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We should work to prevent pollution as best as we could. There are many things around us that generate different kinds of pollution. Most of which we initiate and we should try prevent it. We should practice the 3Rs that are reduce, reuse and recycle. This prevents wastage of useful stuff and usage of things we throw away without recycling and reusing. Here are best ways to prevent pollution.


Use of recycled materials saves water and energy and it also creates less of water and air pollution than it does with raw materials. Recycling is good for our environment as it reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to the global climate. Start participating in recycling and learning what to throw and what to save for recycling like clothes, plastic bags, electrical cords, needles, styrofoam etc.Whatever you save in the recyclables that you can’t recycle yourself offer them to stores who are into recycling materials.

Save energy

Turn off the lights and fans not in use to save the energy as it also contributes in air pollution. Increase natural light by painting your room with light colors that reflect more light. Also paint your windows white so it reflects more light as well. Use natural light at the daytime and keep the lights off. Buy home equipment and products that are energy efficient which will help you save a lot of energy.

Stop using plastic bags

It has already been developed that plastic is harmful for our environment as they’re hard to decompose. And because plastic is harder to decompose or recycle it gets dumped in the sea. So instead of using plastic bags use paper bags or cloth bags for shopping and other uses. Also replace plastic cups and other things instead carry around their other alternatives to use and contribute to a healthy environment.

Increase Afforestation

The most important contributor to our environment is the plantation of more trees. Afforestation also helps enrich a land that’s already been overused. It helps restore forests and also helps protect soil erosion and flooding. It benefits the environment by stabilizing the climate, offers better quality of air, preservation of wildlife and also has the potential to reverse global warming.

Reduction of smoke

Don’t burn the garbage, leaves or other materials as it’s the one of the biggest causes of air pollution. It damages the air and pollutes it which in turn affects the health of a person. Reduce the usage of your vehicles and instead walk over to your destination or use bicycles. This helps improve air quality and reduces premature deaths, heart diseases, lung cancer and asthma.

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