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I’m sure most of us have dealt with procrastination in life. Some people even procrastinate on the daily basis and its part of their routine. Individuals who are organized and well planned have also once faced the inevitable procrastination. It’s natural to avoid work that you feel is hard and will take up most of your time or because you just don’t feel like doing it at the moment.

But you can overcome it and control it so you don’t stress out or keep holding on to it until the deadline. Here are some ways you can stop or at least try to overcome procrastination:

Firstly, you need to accept the fact that you are procrastinating.

There must be something that you’re afraid of doing and is adding up to your anxiety. If there is then that’s your cause of headache and you need to have an approach to deal with it.

Identify why you’re procrastinating and what other tasks you’re doing in its place. Are you scrolling through your instagram, or watching trash TV or just lying around to avoid doing that particular task.

Whenever you feel pressurized by a work and you procrastinate, make a to-do list.

I personally find it easier to deal with difficult tasks that I’ve been putting off. Put down all the tasks for the day according to their priority and once you complete a task put a tick mark before it. This way you’ll have a sense of achievement, and you will definitely overcome procrastination of your tasks.

I realize people mostly procrastinate when a particular task is going to take up a lot of their time and energy.

If that happens then divide the work into smaller tasks for every day. Make a plan to accomplish these tasks on daily basis and cross them out of your list.

Now the above mentioned are possible if you steer clear of all the distractions that lead to your procrastination.

When a person feels the burden of a task they naturally fall to things that are fun and distracting. In that case, best remedy is to allocate your time, for work and for other distractions like chatting with friends or just watching TV.

If you accomplish your tasks with little to no procrastination then you need to reward yourself.

Overcoming procrastination cannot be easy for everyone. But if you completed a challenging time consuming task through a plan then you can certainly enjoy those distracting activities. This time without any guilt or procrastination!

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