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Children nowadays are so pre-occupied in their gadgets and video games that they do not go out for any physical activities. Playing sports has overall health benefits and builds teamwork and social skills. Sometimes, even children are not passionate about sports. But they should be encouraged to participate in physical activities at the least.

Let your child choose their favourite sport

The most common sports are cricket, hockey, football, tennis and volleyball. Children often play these games in weekly physical activity classes at school. Cricket and football are also played on international levels. If your child passionately watches the matches, he might have developed interest in playing the sport. Let them explore and discover their passions. Additionally, sports is not gender centric. If your female child is interested in any sport, encourage her to follow her footsteps. There are so many female athletes out there who play internationally.

Encourage your child to experience the sport professionally

Seeing a match on television versus in real life is a totally different experience. If your child is passionate about a sport, take them to an event where that sport is played. Children often idolize athletes and look up to them. At some point, they also mimic their body language and techniques used to play the game. If your child wants to audition for national level championship, motivate them to do so! Encourage them to participate in school sports events. You can also hire a trainer to further polish your child’s sports skills.

Be present and play together

Children lose interest very easily. If they see their parents chilling around the house, they will mimic the same. Be your child’s source of motivation and play with them. Children look up to their parents as their idols. It is a common practice to expose your children to the sports you find most enjoyable. As time passes, though, keep a close eye on your kid to check if they appear to be enjoying themselves. It’s also possible that they won’t be interested in your favourite sport at all, and that’s fine – just be prepared to accept it and move on to another alternative.

Support and praise your child

Children learn and enjoy themselves when they are engaged in challenging activities with friends and family. Invite their friends to play together. Acknowledge the fact that not all kids are born athletes. As long as they’re enjoying themselves and taking part in physical activities, it’s good for their mental and physical health. Reward them, take them out for ice cream, or take them to the movies to show your appreciation for all of their hard work.

Set a routine accordingly

Children should follow a strict routine from a very young age. This teaches them punctuality and discipline. Make sure to allocate an hour or two for physical activities. Children should go out and play with their friends or parents everyday so that they are not exposed to electronic gadgets in free time. It is important to enjoy and make childhood memories. This will freshen up their mood and take away homework stress. They will also realise that it is important to take out time for yourselves as they grow up.

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