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Attending huge events is very easy but when it comes on planning and implementing such event its very difficult and challenging for the people who are actually working on it.Event could be of any kind majorly in Pakistan big events are such as weddings are planned on a large scale.Where everyone wants best of best to be done ,Typically our landlords and elite class most;y haier event managers and planner for such events but our middle class and lower middle class have their own way of management they want everything to be done by their own self and choice according to their budget.Mainly there are some components that you need to keep in mind before planning a event.


For best of everything you need to classify your budget: how much you have to spend and how much you can spend ? Your choices and selection should be as per the budget you keep.When it comes to budget it classifies how well your event will be .Choose and select right and thing and exactly what you want.


Reaching everyone can be in two days that could be either if you are planning a wedding event you should consider that everyone includes your all friends and family are invited nobody is missed.For that you have to make proper system of list where you make a list of how many to invite and how many are already invited ,So that nobody is missing from the list.On the other hand reaching everyone can also be that while planning event any of the required feature is not missed ,Such as sound system or the catering etc .


If you’re coordinating with an event planner, she/he might send a list of objectives your way. If not, work with your client to come up with concrete goals for the event. Make these goals as specific as possible. How many cars do you want the parking staff to move each hour? How many questions are you hoping to fit into one question and answer session? Use numbers wherever possible.


Every event is different from another also the things used in that event is different then used before.People have different budgets because they belong to different classes .Some have high budgets some have below the average .Vendors understand this and they show products according to the customer budget. Instead of asking for the exact price try to convince them that they should negotiate in pricing.

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