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 It’s significant to increase your daily productivity, to stay effective at work and at your day to day tasks. Achieving the most of productivity means you can get most of your work done in short time. But it’s not always easy to stay on track when there are so many distractions around us. Mostly we procrastinate or don’t give our best to some tasks.
Here are the best ways to increase your daily productivity.

Plan the day

Planning ahead always works in your favor when you have long work day to look forward to. To have proper plan, then you must start your week with a proper planner. Sort out your tasks that you will be doing on the respective day. Cancel out the tasks on the day you do them so you know where you stand. That will give you the motivation to keep going and be productive to complete all tasks for the day.

Track your time

Just planning your daily tasks is not enough to achieve your ultimate goal of productivity. To be more effective you need to track your time that you spend doing each job. This will help you ensure you don’t put up too much time on a single task. Distribute you total time among your tasks as some might need more time compared to others.

Set small goals

Always start small to make the most of your time and to be productive in each task. If you have bigger tasks lined up then divide them into smaller tasks that you can do on the daily. That way you will be able to complete the big task on time and be effective as well. Setting small goals can help you be productive as well.

Avoid Distractions

This probably is the most important one as we know it’s way easier to get distracted from work. At your workplace these distractions can be phone calls, emails, notifications and maybe chatty colleagues. This all can take up your time that you’d rather be spending on the important work to achieve your productivity. Turn off your phone, and tell your coworkers to not disturb you while you work.


After following all the rules of being productive all week review all your work. When you scheduled and allocated time for every task then go through the work effort you did that week. That will provide you an overview of the productivity you achieved that week. It will motivate you to stay this way and to continue being productive in your work.

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