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Since June 2022, Southern Pakistan has been hit by one of the worst flood in the history of Pakistan. The floods have killed more than 1000 people, 735,000 livestock and more than 2 million acres of agricultural land. The disaster has left millions injured and homeless with an ongoing food crisis. The catastrophe have been caused by 3-times the 30 year average monsoon rains and melting glaciers due to record breaking heat waves.

On 25th August, Pakistan declared a state of emergency awaiting help and aid from different countries. Around 50% of the country is now underwater, affecting 33 million people. Pakistan has suffered a damage of US$10 billion due to the flooding. Here’s what you can do to help Pakistanis in this moment of difficulty!

Donate everyday essentials

UNICEF is collecting donations from all over the world. You can donate dry food items like biscuit, chips, dates, water and juice. Since the flood victims have lost access to basic necessities, donate clothes, sanitary pads and diapers. You can also offer monetary help to the government of Pakistan to cover the loss. Foundations like JDC, Al-Khidmat, Saylani Welfare, Edhi and Chippa are reliable sources for donations.

Volunteer in the affected area

If you live in Pakistan, you can volunteer to transport the donations to the victims. You can offer your professional services for free. If you’re a doctor, you can give free services in health camps or hospitals. Whereas, if you work in construction, you can help rebuild houses later. Moreover, if you have a business, you can donate free goods and services to victims.

Send medical aid and supplies

Teach the residents basic life saving techniques like CPR. If you’re a medical equipment manufacturer, donate basic supplies to nearby hospitals. Set up medical camps and arrange volunteer doctors. Make sure stretchers are ready. Donate as many medicines as you can.

Donate blood

Serious injuries can result from floods, and additional blood may be required in the aftermath. Consider giving blood if there is a blood drive in your neighbourhood and you are healthy enough. You can donate blood prior to any disasters. It will be used right away when needed.

Offer shelter to those in need

Foster a displaced family if you reside close to the flood zone and your house is still intact. There are so many hotels who are offering free stay to the flood victims. If you have a hotel or a vacant rental property which is in close vicinity to the flooded areas, offer free meals and shelter to the locals. They need food and shelter more than anything else right now.

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