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Growing your social media account in today’s competitive world is a tricky thing. If your targeted audience is sorted, you should create content which pleases them. Here are some other ways to keep your audience constantly engaged and grow your account!

Hold giveaways

Holding contests is a great way to engage current and potential followers. You can plan giveaways on your social media accounts according to your budget. In the caption, you can ask your followers to tag multiple friends on it for a chance to win. Those friends will also follow your account which will boost your followers. After the giveaway is done, people tend to unfollow your page. So you can set a rule to ban those followers from an entry in future contests.

Use relevant hashtags

Instagram is dependent on hashtags. Every hashtag has a specific reach. Therefore, you must use those hashtags in your everyday posts. One mandatory hashtag should include your name and your page name (or username). You can search Google for top trending hashtags related to your content. Pick 5 of them and post it. Remember, if you use more than 5 hashtags per post, your reach will be affected. That’s how the algorithms work.

Upload reels

Nowadays, every social media platform has included a reels section to it. Be it YouTube short videos, Snapchat spotlight, Instagram or Facebook reels. Content creators are making short videos to engage their followers. As this generation is more interested in watching short and creative content rather than long duration videos. Instagram was a photo sharing app, but now people are uploading more and more videos everyday. Hence, it is important to keep your targeted audience’s preferences in mind.

Stay active and consistent with the postings

As they say, consistency is the key to success. If you do not upload content everyday or engage with your followers, the algorithms will decrease your reach. Study the algorithms and how they work and stay consistent according to that. There is a-lot of competition out there and you just have to strive to be on top amongst that.

Invest in paid social ads

The best way to grow your audience is to invest in paid social advertisements. These ads help you to reach potential and targeted followers based on your current followers. A single ad is broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of prospective new consumers. Social ads can amplify content, increase exposure on mobile devices, and reach a wider target audience.

Use relevant humour/memes

Brands that demonstrate empathy and humour perform well on social media; however, you should always ensure that any content you do share is appropriate for your specific demographic and brand voice.

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