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The concept of women empowerment was evolved in 1985. Women’s empowerment revolves around rights and fair treatment in the society. The status of a woman is raised through fair chance of education and awareness about her rights.

In this modern era, women are not suffering at the hands of patriarchy. They have realised their worth and power and are standing up for themselves. Nations all around the world are taking extraordinary steps to eliminate the gender economic equality gap.

Here are some ways you can empower women around you:

Educate & motivate

We are in the 21st century yet so many girls are deprived of education. UNICEF estimates that 132 million females worldwide do not attend school. Women empowerment comes from education. It enables them to face the world and have a different outlook at their roles in life. Women will realise that they are an important part of the society and the nation needs their abilities to progress. They will have a sense of achievement and satisfaction through education all their lives. They will get to know about consent and women rights which is a very important matter in today’s world. It will allow them to take their own decisions and stand up against patriarchy.

Give equal job opportunities

Studies have found that giving equal job opportunities to men and women can impact country’s GDP growth rate. Lack of safe working conditions and discriminatory behaviour has led to women quitting their jobs. Women’s employment is seen as a key factor in the empowerment of women. Women’s condition can be improved both within and outside the house by participating equally in jobs. It is very important for women to be financially independent and financially secure. This gives them stability and freedom to take decisions in life. They receive better treatment from others which also makes them feel empowered and strong.

Support women-run businesses

Female entrepreneurs face a number of challenges from lack of finances to moral support which impacts their business growth. There are so many women with outstanding abilities who cannot pursue their dreams due to lack of support. We are well aware of successful and famous female personalities around the world like Oprah Winfrey, Sania Mirza, Malala Yousafzai and so on. They have a huge impact on the audiences and women look up to them as role models. Women-run businesses are growing globally yet they’re less profitable. Hence, women should support women by purchasing from them so that women entrepreneurs can secure a very vital position in the society.

Boost their confidence

Since childhood girls are told to be quiet, modest  and behave in certain ways. They are told that they are people pleasers and cannot be anything less than perfect. Hence, growing up this thing stays in their subconscious mind and they are afraid to express or be themselves. To put an end to this stigma, we should motivate women around us and make them feel special. Females should feel that their opinions are valued so that they do not suppress their feelings. From a very young age, girls should be taught self-love and the freedom to express themselves fully. They can wear, sit and talk the way they want to because it is their right to be who they are.

Stand against unrealistic beauty standards

Females are often compared to unrealistic beauty standards being portrayed on television, magazines and social media. Society only accepts females who are slim, fair toned and good looking. It is our job to promote body positivity and encourage plus size girls. There are so many brands worldwide who hire plus size models and cater to variety of plus size outfits. We should stand up against narrative of imaginary appearances and condemn bullying and trolling. Every female is beautiful in her own way and has unique abilities, no body is born ugly!

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