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Are you interested in learning the basic makeup skills? Is your foundation on point ? Are you using the best products ? Do you need to conceal and contour your face ? There are a lot of questions which occur in your mind while doing your makeup .There are people who are not aware of the proper makeup skills, they just use the products without any detail about using it or anything else .
Before doing a flawless makeup look you have to look upon your skin ,Is your skin properly hydrated now the question is


Hydrated skin is properly moisturized skin ,You need to use a good moisturizing lotion on your skin to make it smooth as your foundation depends on your skin type. If your skin is oily you keep in mind that you have to use products which are suitable for your skin type.People with dry skin need oily moisturizers on their skin.As its very important to hydrate your skin before applying any primer on your skin.


While purchasing your foundation always keep in mind that your foundation should match your and it should be proper as your skin is ,If you apply foundation which is not your skin tone then definitely look artificial and wont match your color.For flawless look your foundation is the most important step ,Its not only foundation but your blush ,lipcolor and concealer is also important it should match your skin color .There are a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind before choosing your makeup products .


For long wear foundation you need to prep and primer your skin ,This helps your makeup to stay all day long .This step includes using a good hydrating primer and setting spray before applying foundation .If you instantly apply your foundation and concealer just after primer it won’t work ,So always keep in mind that you need 15-20 min after applying primer then use your foundation .


After moisturizing and using primer on your skin you need to apply a concealer on your darker areas such as under eyes, chin area or lower nose wherever you think its required.Make sure that you purchase one shade darker then your original skin tone ,thats because it helps to cover the dark areas well and when you apply foundation on it ,then it covers everything well and proper .

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