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Anxiety disorder refers to psychiatric disorder that involve extreme fear or worry .Being upset about future and having huge panic attacks is common nowadays .Your anxiety is not your fault sometimes it is because of the past incidents you went through or the things that are troubling your mental peace or your mind .A person suffering from anxiety is not able to express the way he/she feels because the person feels to isolate him/herself.Usually when a person is going through severe anxiety issue they want to keep himself away from people,They always try avoiding people.Understanding your anxiety is most important however mostly people call their stress their anxiety Why because they are not clear with the difference between anxiety and stress.Managing your anxiety is most important and how you can manage your anxiety can act as a mental therapy to yourself.


The way you think and interpret your ideas is the second most important factor ,usually negative thoughts lead you to your negative evil desires .People who think negatively reflect a negative personality to others.On the other hand your positive thoughts always reflect you as a better person
then before .Whenever you are in extreme stress and anxiety your thinking changes the most you tend to think against and negative.


Understanding your situation is easy but understanding the situation of other people is rare .People suffering from anxiety mostly tend to stay numb at times they rarely understand their happenings in their surroundings .When you think that you are having anxiety disorder stay attentive wherever you are look around people and think what they are doing and what they want you to as a normal person .


Isolating yourself is not the solution it just makes things extreme then they were before when you don't choose people to talk and interact with you make your own world where you only have fear and anxiety which then leads you to severe depression .Your life is important if you spend your life thinking all negative and worst that won't work .


The way you speak about your life and happenings in your own mind and out loud to others is essentially the way of creating your own story.The words you use to describe your own self and personality your family your living standards ,where you live and what work you do.These words that you choose to describe should always be positive and should reflect your thoughts widely.

Your anxiety issue is in your hands. You need to keep yourself positive then before as well as your thoughts. Your ideas are another way of reflecting the way you interpret your ideas and people's behaviour .Thinking positive and describing yourself in such a manner that reflects positivity is very important .Never think yourself as inferior to anyone .Your thoughts are an illustration of your mind .

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