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Global warming is affecting lives on Earth. With increasing temperatures, sea levels are rising due to which the risk of flooding has also increased. There are many species who are losing their habitats and are going extinct. The main cause of global warming is deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. To control this, it is mandatory on every individual to take actions in order to save Earth. Otherwise, we will have to witness numerous natural disasters in the coming years. We should start from our own homes and then move towards bigger pledges. Here are some ways to combat global warming:

1- Using renewable energy resources:

Most of the energy is produced by coal, oil and gas. By using renewable energy resources at home like installing solar panels for electricity, we can limit the amount of carbondioxide generated by different appliances. Using hybrid or electric vehicles can also conserve a good amount of energy. We should limit the use of electrical appliances for which natural resources are available. For example, clothes should be dried in the sun rather than a dryer.

2- Reduce the use of transport:

Less carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted into the air when there are fewer cars on the road. Hence, by taking a walk or using a bicycle to various places can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles. It will also be beneficial for an individual’s physical health. Furthermore, using public transport daily to work or to school is a good option. It is the most environmental friendly mode of transportation.

3- Using compact fluorescent light bulbs:

CFL bulbs use two third times less energy than normal bulbs and last longer. They also consume less electricity which means less greenhouse emissions. They have a good effect on reducing electricity bills and are very inexpensive in the long run. So, installing CFL bulbs at homes can save a great amount of energy overall. This will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

4- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

From raw materials to manufacturing and to transporting of goods, carbon dioxide is emitted in each step. Hence, by reusing or buying secondhand products, we can actually reduce a large amount of waste. We should buy products with less packaging and plastic disposal to reduce carbon dioxide emission which results from burning waste. To protect our climate, we should repair and recycle what we can.

5- Using less heat and air conditioning:

Air conditioning and heating devices are powered by electricity generated mostly from fossil fuels. This leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions and further harming the environment. Hence, by adding insulation to the walls and lessening the time duration of using air conditioners or heaters, we can save the environment. We can use alternatives like air coolers and fans.

6- Planting trees:

Trees assist to mitigate climate change by collecting carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Planting billions of trees around the world is one of the most effective and cost-effective solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and address the climate catastrophe.

7- Eating plant-based food:

The meat business has a significant global influence on global warming. Plant based food pollutes the environment 51–91% less than conventional meat. A plant-based diet can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect water and land, and even save lives.

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