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Nowadays, we notice that people around us just pretend to be happy. Most of them are people pleasers which robs them off happiness. Being happy contributes to a positive mental health. It is not difficult to be happy if we start counting our blessings. Hence, here a few points that will surely contribute to your happiness.

  • Practice gratitude:

Maintain a gratitude journal and write down three things that you are grateful for. This will increase your happiness more than a hundred times. You can be grateful about your health, family, career or blessings. This will also curb your desire for more by finding happiness in the things you already own. Never forget to count your blessings as someone out there would kill to have a life like yours. Do not ever compare your life with people above your class as it will make you feel inferior. But, if you notice the lives of people below your class, you will know about your blessings.

  • Savour experiences:

The happiest people find joy in everyday pleasures. Find happiness in simple things, like taking a walk, having coffee, talking to a friend, eating good food or listening to music. Appreciating small pleasures makes life fulfilling. Happiness is something that you will always be chasing. Instead, focus on the purpose of your life. Prioritise your priorities and happiness will likely be a byproduct.

  • Pursue intrinsic goals:

Setting personal goals is key to long-term happiness. You should make time to pursue a hobby, study your interest or start a side hustle. Do more of what brings purpose and meaning to your life. You can start with what you genuinely enjoy. Think about something you can do for hours that others cannot. Also, think about something that you will most likely do when you are bored. Follow your brain and you will be surprised where it will take you.

  • Cherish relationships:

Life’s most valuable resource is time. Spend time with loved ones, friends and family and cherish the experiences you make with them. Don’t let work blind you to what matters in life. Don’t neglect your personal relationships due to your work. Set a routine in which you are giving equal time to work and loved ones. Distribute the time according to the needs of the relationships.

  • Buy fulfilment, not attention:

When you spend money to impress others, you rob yourself of actual happiness. Spend money for your own happiness, not to impress others. However, it is wiser to invest in your relationships, education, business and health. Buy things that bring you fulfilment and not attention.

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