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Stock market is an important part of the countries economy ,It plays a vital role in the growth of industry and financial stability of a country .You need to have a strong stock market i order to maintain your countries economy .Whenever a company wants to raise funds for further expansion or settling up a new business venture, they have to either take a loan from a financial organization or they have to issue shares through the stock market. The secondary function of the stock market is that the market plays the role of a common platform for the buyers and sellers of these stocks that are listed at the stock market. It is the secondary market of the stock exchange where retail investors and institutional investors buy and sell the stocks. In fact it is these stock market traders who raise the fund for the businesses by investing in the stocks.For investment in the stock market.


New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world. This stock exchange was the first in the continent of North America. It originated back in 1792, after the American revolution. The New York Stock Exchange has retained the number 1 spot since the end of World war I. It snatched the first position from the London Stock Exchange.


The NASDAQ Stock Market was established in 1971 in New York City. In just five decades, it has become the second largest stock exchange in the world. NASDAQ is regarded as the center for technology companies due to the presence of the world's biggest technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc. NASDAQ stock exchange has a market capitalization of $10 trillion.


It is also considered as the cosmopolitan center of the world. Tokyo Stock Exchange originated in 1878. Although trading was averted for four years after WW2. But still it occupied a place in Top 3 Stock Exchanges of the world. The Stock Exchange has more than 2,400 registered companies. Some of the world’s most famous and largest companies of the world. For example, Toyota, Honda, Sony etc. The market capitalization of Shanghai Stock Exchange is $6.19 trillion.


Shanghai Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange of Asia. It is also the biggest stock exchange of China. This Stock Exchange was founded in 1866, but its modern foundations were laid in 1990. Because it was revoked after 1949, when PRC was formed. It has over 1,100 listed companies. They have two types of shares. The ‘A’ shares trade in Yuan while the ‘B’ shares trade in US dollars. Shanghai Stock has a market capitalization of $5.01 trillion.


Euronext is a multi-state Stock Exchange. It originated from the first stock exchange of the world, Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Due to which, Eurozone’s headquarters is still located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is also known as the European Stock exchange and it is the best stock exchange of Europe. Currently, Euronext is operating in France, Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal.The Stock Exchange has more than 1,300 listed companies. Euronext has a market capitalization of $4.65 trillion.

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