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Self defense is said to be a smart technique used to defend yourself from a physical attack .Are you able to defend yourself at such incidents ? Are you smart enough to bear such happenings ?Do you know the moves ?

Prevention is the best self defense

Always remember that prevention is the best way to defend yourself either physically from some attackers or mental pressure that people usually face .When you know your tricks and techniques you never fail to prevent yourself from such incidents.Always follow up your surroundings keep a check on people and be aware of everything.

Get active/loud where ever its needed

You need to be loud and active whenever you feel such happenings .Mostly people are not active and aware about things happening they just always keep focus on themselves and their family ,But the main act is to keep a check on people who you are interacting with and meeting ,The most important tool is to keep interacted as best communication skills always play smart role in defending yourself it could be in any way.

Targeting the most effective body parts

When you are in confrontation you only have a few minutes or second to defend yourself from big attacks ,As you should be efficient enough to avail those few second smartly.Educate yourself about the effective body parts where you can possibly hit easily to refrain the person against you.. In a physical confrontation that calls for self-defense, it’s hurt or be hurt.) So aim for the parts of the body where you can do the most damage easily: the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs.

Use fast and heavy objects

During such situations you should always pick heavy and easy to attack fast objects in order to defend yourself from the people attacking on you ,On the other hand keep full confidence in whatever you are doing never feel like that you cant do it Always remember you confidence is the main thing that supports you in these situations ,In order to defend yourself you need to stay focused and active minded ,Dont feel weak make yourself feel stronger and think wise to succeed.

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