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Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panels is the type of renewable energy that has electricity generating solar panels. It has various components in the solar panels including photovoltaic molecules, cables, mounting systems and solar inverters. These solar panels that are mounted on a residential rooftop are utility scale and has megawatt capacity range. It can generate approximately  10 or more watts per square foot. So it can help utilize your basic household needs.

Air source and geothermal heat pumps

These are the most creative forms of renewable energy currently. Air source takes the heat outside the houses and convert it into renewable energy. Whereas in geothermal heat pumps, heat is taken directly from 10 feet below earth. These systems are used to convert heat in to cooling systems in summer. They both require very little energy to operate on and also reduce harmful emissions.

Biomass Systems

Biomass systems usually use organic wood and other materials to produce renewable energy. They provides with heating for interiors spaces and hot water for cooking and other uses. and the wood burning only emits the carbon that the tree had absorbed in its life. Overall its usage has less long-term impact on the environment than the fossil fuels.

Micro wind turbine generators

Small wind turbines can be installed on the property to generate renewable energy supporting your home. You can easily install it on your rooftop or if you have space in your backyard. You can produce your own energy and save up the electricity bills. With these wind turbines you can generate enough to support your neighbor house for a fee which can be profitable. Wind turbines are more relatable than solar and produce more energy comparatively.

Hydro Power

This source of renewable energy can be used if you live nearby a source of flowing water specially going downhill. Smaller hydro power devices can be purchased for home that can generate enough energy to run a house. Even though you need a lake to operate this it still offers more stability than wind and solar.

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