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Why is everybody interested in the drama happening in our real life?
Watching reality shows is the main cause because we as human beings are more concentrated towards real life situations. Every one of us is more focused on reality than living in fantasy. Reality shows are the genre of television programming which is based on real life with a few tweaking’s here and there. A story based on real life events is something that influences one another on a greater level. We often share our life situations with our friend which is generally a source of entertainment for them. This is so because they find it a bit too interesting then the shows on television. Also, because sometimes we want to live through someone else’s experience without going through a risky adventure or heartbreak. Generally, reality shows are popular because people sometimes get bored with all the scripted scenarios and want something close to common life. It's human nature to see what other people have done and what they learned through their experience. People create certain goals in mind and in order to achieve those goals they follow someone and try following in their footsteps.

Some of the best reality shows are:


The Bachelor is an American Tv show based on a real life true love story, Where a bachelor dates a group of women for several days. The plot consists of different scenarios where th bachelor and the female contestants are given a chance to bond. After the end of every such situation the bachelor is asked to choose the contestants he wants to keep in the show. This is done by presenting a red rose to those contestants who are safe from elimination but those who don’t receive one are automatically eliminated. This series came in 2002 Total number of episodes in this series is 220. It has 24 seasons and each season has something interesting.


Love is blind is a reality show where singles try to find a match and fall in love without ever seeing each other face-to-face, as emotional connection attempts to conquer physical attraction. This show came out in 2003. It is on Netflix. Total number of episodes in this show are 11. The idea tries to test the bond one can make without actually meeting the person in person.


Big brother is a reality TV show broadcast on Channel 4, and S4C in Wales, in which a number of contestants live in an isolated house trying to avoid being evicted by the public with the aim of winning a large cash prize at the end of the run. It is based on the Big Brother series produced by Endemol. There were 767 total episodes of big brother.


American idol is another most famous singing reality show based on real singers as participants. Several participants from America showcase their singing talent in front of a panel of esteemed judges to win the title.


Master chef is an American reality show where several passionate contestants participate in order to try their new recipes with the provided ingredients and are judged on the basis of their presentation ,The show is basically a culinary show against each other .Participants are evaluated according to each skill and taste .The one with the best cooking skills wins the title of best chef.

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