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Have you been working tirelessly the whole year because of all the piled up work of pandemic and now you need a vacation with your family and friends or just enjoy solitude because you deserve it? Than what better time when New Year’s around the corner and everyone is excited for the opportunities it’ll bring.

So look nowhere else because we have you covered here. Here are all the best places in world right now where you disappear off to for a few days and enjoy exotic culture and food and unwind your mind.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is known for its high end shopping, modernistic architecture and vibrant nightlife that attracts many tourists. Many places can be found where a person can fully enjoy the New Year festivities and have a blast. There is a Luxury dinner cruise which has an open deck and terrace that people can enjoy the fireworks from, lighting up the whole sky.

Dessert Dunes are a perfect place to head out to and spend the whole day traveling deep in the heart of it and watching the last sunset of the year and then relish the Arabian food and merriments. And of course there is the classic Dubai New Year celebration at the Burj Khalifa which shows outstanding display for fireworks that you’d be lost in wonder.


New York, United States

Time square is the ideal place where many tourists and locals gather in a huge number to watch the ball drop on New Year’s. Attendees are given party favors, which have traditionally included enormous balloons, hats, and other gifts.

A program of entertainment, including musical performances, takes place in the hours leading up to midnight. People are equally mesmerized by New York’s captivating fireworks displays in Central Park and New York Harbor.

Sydney, Australia

Fireworks are the main course for all New Year’s celebrations and it’s no different for Sydney. The fascinating fireworks over Sydney Harbor are incredibly enchanting and must be caught on camera. A luxury Coast Harbor Cruises offers a unique 1-hour experience with beverages, fine dining, and beautiful fireworks at Sydney’s most iconic spot, the Sydney Harbor.

Bangkok, Thailand

Another best place to have the spontaneous New Year’s celebration is Bangkok. On New Year’s Eve, many people assemble to celebrate the coming of the New Year at Central World Square that is the city’s highlight. Every year, Bangkok’s greatest countdown extravaganza takes place in front of Central World in Siam, the city’s largest shopping mall in the center of downtown. The fireworks are a real spectacle which lasts quite long. Chao Phraya River is known for its best cruise experience with Thai food or any other international exotic food until you wait for the clock to struck 12 to witness the fireworks that lit up the sky.

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