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The 2022 Commonwealth Games was an international multi-sport event which took place in Birmingham from 28th July to 8th August 2022. 72 commonwealth nations participated in the event which consisted of 5054 athletes


Australia won the country’s 1000th gold medal at Commonwealth games in Birmingham yesterday. Australia becomes the first country to accomplish the achievement in the Games. The team won 178 medals in total and finished with 67 gold medals, 57 silver medals and 54 bronze medals.


At Birmingham 2022, England set a record by winning a total of 176 medals, out of which 57 were gold medals, 66 were silver medals and 53 were bronze medals. The country came up just short of beating the winning nation Australia in the medal count. There were 17-year old’s who had participated in the event and won gold medals.


Team Canada secured its place in the top three rankings alongside competing nations. They won 92 medals in total including 26 gold, 32 silver, and 34 bronze. 33 medals were won by males, and 59 medals were won by female or mixed teams.


The Indian team finished fourth in the overall category and won 61 medals – 22 gold, 16 silver and 23 bronze medals. Squash player Anahat Singh became the nation’s youngest competitor at the Commonwealth Games at the age of 14. It was India’s 18th appearance at the contest.

New Zealand

Commonwealth games have been a real success for New Zealand this year. This time around they won 20 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 17 bronze medals, taking home a total of 49 medals. Back when in 1990 Commonwealth games took place in New Zealand had won 58 medals. But there were more players this year and new team sports members of women’s cricket, hockey and netball.


Scotland has has the most successful Commonwealth games this year. They’ve won 4 gold medals in boxing, athletics and cycling. Overall they’ve won 13 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 27 bronze medals in this year’s games. They managed to land on number 6 rank among other countries with the most wins.


Nigeria managed to rank number 7 on the list by earning 12 gold, 9 silver and 14 bronze and a total of 35 medals this year in Commonwealth games. It is to be said that Nigeria’s gold medals were the highest showing their great performance ever in this year. They also finished as the best rank African country on the medals table.


Team Wales collected a total of 28 medals from 8 golds, 6 silvers and 14 bronze medals in the 2022 Commonwealth games. They achieved 7 medals for track and road cycling, 6 for boxing, 3 in both athletics and bowls, 2 in judo, table tennis and swimming and 1 for squash and rhythmic gymnastics. Wales is proud to have done well this year and for the players to have done their personal best.

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