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There are many historical museums in the world that display historical artifacts and antiques. These museums share their history elating to their country and culture.

Here are the best historical museums in the world.

The Army Museum (Paris)

The Army museum or as known as Musee de I’ Armee is a national military museum in Paris. It was build in 1905 is located in Les Invalides in Paris is the world’s largest history and art museum. The museums contains 24 aesthetics treasures that represent the French military history starting from middle age and up to the world war II.

These treasures are symbolic as well as technical including weapons, armor and works of technology that existed in that time period. It also features the famous structures like Cathederal of St Louis and the doomed church of Napoleon Bonapart Tomb.

Acropolis Museum (Greece)

The Acropolis Museum is an archaeology historical museum located in Greece and was build in 2009. It’s collection is based on the findings of archaeological site of Acropolis of Athens. It holds all the artifacts from the Greek bronze age, Roman and Byzantine Greece. In the Museum more than 4250 items are exhibited that are scattered around the 14000 square meters of the museum area.

The Egyptian Museum (Egypt)

The Egyptian Museum also commonly known as the Cairo Museum holds all the extensive historical Egyptian antiques. It was build in 1901 in Cairo, Egypt and is considered to be the largest historical museum in the region. The Museum contains total of 120.000 of antique items some of which in display. There are 2 floors in the building and on the ground floor you can see all of the Egyptian empire in chronological order. The first floor exhibits cultural innovations grouped by category.

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (Poland)

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum is a state historical museum build on the site which was occupied by Nazi Germany from 1939- 1945. This site was preserved by the Poland government in the memory millions of people who died during in the holocaust. The site is also used for research purposes and is preserved as it originally was. It was founded in 1947 originally by Polish Parliament and has both parts of Auschwitz I and II. Millions of people have visited the site to experience the site and gain knowledge through the stories on display.

Hagia Sophia Museum (Turkey)

Hagia Sofia was built by a Roman Emperor as a Christian Cathedral a state church. Before Hagia Sofia it was called Church of Holy wisdom and is the most visited monuments in the world. It enriched with art and history, and the architecture of the building is one to marvel at. Hagia Sofia shares the history of both the Christians and Muslims as it was a church first and then a mosque. After the fall of Constantinople the Ottoman Empire took over and converted it into a mosque in 1453.

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