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Since the glorious rise of Oculus Rift, VR has evolved through many stages that now it has many useful features for its users. From its first use of rotational tracking to now playing games and watching stuff on your phone through the headset that people wear on their head. But the most fun use of VR is when you play games as you are transported into a virtual reality and play physically rather than just using your hands. So here are some of the most fun and exciting VR games for you that you can play on and of your VR headset.

Beat Saber

As the name suggests this game is played using light sabers in a neon lit environment with background music of your choice. It offers a variety of song options that players can chose from. The difficulty levels also differ starting from easy to Expert which players can chose accordingly.

Beat Saber got a very positive review in its initial days of release. It also became the high rated game on Steam in the first week. This game is mostly available on many VR headsets.

The Climb 2

The Climb is a first person VR game which was released for Microsoft windows. It starts off with a tutorial where the player can practice on climbing and moving. They practice using the controller’s and learn the basics of the game.

The Climb 2 has increased the difficulty level that offers 12 different types of peaks. Each of these climbs have several paths to the top and offers a score system. That way  you can compare your competency and be better at the game. The seasonal events keep rotating in the game that keep players hooked for a longer time.

Resident Evil 4

This classical game franchise also released their 4th version of this game on VR platforms. It was ported to a variety of formats and became a cross-platform success. Moreover, it sold over 11 million copies across many platforms. Resident Evil 4 differs drastically from the previous series focusing more on action and shootouts with fewer survival horror themes. Players also have more options of shooting then they did in the prior games.

They’ve added context-sensitive controls in the games as well. There are also quick time events where player must push on-screen buttons to perform actions.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead is new release of VR first person horror survival game based on the same name comic books. The game is played in a field where the player has to shoot off the walkers. Player learns to scale the buildings and attack enemies on the streets. Then an alarm rings out which brings out the herd of the walkers in the field that the player has to kill.

This received many favorable reviews and got a good score. It’s being described as a game that is perfect for VR players and offers a great VR experience.

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