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With season change, many suffer cough and cold. Here are few home tips to get rid of these health issues
With season changing from winters to summer, the mixed season always leads to health problems like cough and common cold. And it is not advisable to depend on allopathic every time as side-effects to those medicines cannot be neglected. Instead, try some home remedies that are good and quick enough to cure it and there are no side effects to these remedies!


1. Gargle with hot water by adding a pinch of salt into it, it helps in curing the sore throat.



2. Keep drinking hot drinks like coffee and tea or simply luke warm water.



3. Add turmeric powder, ginger powder and a teaspoon of honey to warm water. This not only helps in curing cough but also relieves from body ache, cold and headache.



4. For cold, steam inhalation is the best home remedy. Add eucalyptus oil to the hot water that you will use for steam inhalation, it will give an instant relief.



5. While preparing your tea, add few tulsi leaves and crushed ginger to it along with black pepper, it is much relief for cough and cold.



6. One who is susceptible to cough and cold should consume Chavanprash or amla murrabba as it helps one develop a strong immune against cough and cold.



7. Apart from gargling to cure sore throat, one can add few drops of olive oil and pinch of salt to hot glass of water and drink it. This one is very effective for getting rid of cough.



8. Add few drops of eucalyptus oil to your lukewarm bath water — it will help you recover from body pain.

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