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When you travel the world, you also encounter the fascinating adventures and experiences that come along. You get to learn so much about different cultures and festivals globally. Attending festivals allows you to interact with various cultures.

Every year, there are thousands of festivals to select from all around the world. Here is a list of the best cultural festivals in the world which you can attend if you plan to travel anytime soon!

1. La Tomatina:

La Tomatina is a food festival held every August in Bunol, Spain. It is an hour long tomato fight which begins with splashing water on each other and then around 100,000 kgs of overripe tomatoes are squished and thrown all over. It is purely for entertainment purposes which leaves the town bright red afterwards.

2. Holi Festival:

Holi is a famous and the biggest Hindu festival celebrated mostly in India and Nepal. It is held to celebrate love and all the good things prevailing over evil. It is also known as the Festival of Colors. People spend the day by throwing coloured powder and water on one another. They host bonfires and locals sing and dance their hearts out.

3. Semana Santa:

Semana Santa is held in Antigua, Guatemala. It is the most celebrated week of festivities, which combines Spanish customs, Catholicism, and indigenous cultural beliefs. Thousands of people fill the streets to celebrate the festival with lavish floats, artistically patterned carpets, large religious processions, and vibrant, extravagant religious displays.

4. Lantern Festival:

It is held annually in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Locals decorate their houses with colourful hanging lanterns and release them into the night sky. The event also includes a parade, live music and a dance show. Moreover, the locals commonly believe that releasing lanterns represents a fresh start and letting go of the past.

5. Cannes Film Fest:

If you enjoy the glamour of the film industry and its celebrities, you must visit the Cannes Film Festival once. It takes place around May in Cannes, France every year. The festival is about showcasing cinematic works and mining for new talent. Additionally, its parade of polished and gold stars adds to the aura of status.

6. Oktoberfest:

Oktoberfest is held from mid September to the first weekend of October in Munich, Germany. It typically draws 6 million visitors each year. Also, it is the world’s largest and the most popular festivals in Europe, featuring a beer festival and a travelling funfair along with historical and cultural displays.

7. St. Patrick’s Festival:

St. Patrick’s day is held every year on March 17th in Ireland to celebrate the death anniversary of Ireland’s patron Saint Patrick. Moreover, the day also honours the introduction of Christianity in Ireland. The day is followed with parades, fireworks, musical street theatre, live dance and so much more.

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