To go for a vacation in the summertime we all search for the best countries and places to visit. Although it may be time consuming and a bit of work to look for the best place we have you all covered here. Down here is a list of the places you should visit in summer that are ideal for their weather and the location and experience they offer.Here are the best countries to visit in summer.


Canada is a great place to visit in summer time. Although the weather in winter is harsh and very cold, the summer times offers a pleasant change. It’s most famous place Niagara falls is the most popular place that you should definitely add on to the top of your lists of places to visit.

You can also enjoy many other natural spots as Canada as wide range of mountains, forests and not to forget beautiful lakes. Also spend a whole day on these locations and have a fun day. Then you can visit malls and their restaurants that have variety of food from all over the world.


France has the perfect summer weather that is dry and warm enough to go out in the day and chill out. You can enjoy the big bus paris hop on hop off tour, Bateaux Parisiens Seine River where you can enjoy Dinner & sightseeing on a cruise. Book yourself a tour of the magnificent Versailles Palace and then of course there’s Eiffel Tower that must get on the top to have a breathtaking view.


Thailand is the one country everyone should visit once and is probably on top of every visit list. They have all kinds of modern tourism aspects you want from a vacation but they also offer cultural and traditional adventures a tourist always seeks. The grand palace in bangkok is a historical and architectural marvel that you must visit.

Krabi province in Thailand is known for its beautiful beach of Railey that offers blue water and white sand. More good beaches are monkey beach, long beach Maya bay that all have their own personal delights to offer.


Turkey has many historical landmarks and places that you would love to visit and also offer the modern aspect of their community as well. If we start from Istanbul where you can visit Hagia Sofia that has great importance and inspiration for muslims and christians. Then there’s Topkapi Palace museum that holds so much historical significance and then the Blue Mosque with its six minarets.

You can visit Antalya that is different from Istanbul and is less pricey as well. It prospered in Ancient Rome when many beautiful structures including Hadrian’s Gate were built when leadership of the city changed.

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